A new sharp thing in my life

One Panasonic electric razor

Hey Folks,

I have decided to buy a new razor. This time I am going to purchase an electric one and not a traditional one as I want to understand why so much men use it, why they like it so much.

I headed over to Google and started looking for some information on this topic. I came through this website called www.offwithmyhair.com where they review electric razors. They even have buying guides with comparison tables. Thus, one can easily decide which features are important for him/her and which razor offers these features.

It turned out that Philips produces the best electric razors. Even though they cannot be called cheap with an average price of over 200 dollars but they are said to be last long and perform very well.

There are some other big brands selling electric razors but they aren’t said to be that good. Plus, certainly you can buy cheap models from some no name companies but if you seek quality, I would not recommend it.

Good news is that I have already decided which Philips model I am going to buy and where I will purchase it. They sell it on Amazon for 245 dollars. According to buyers’ reviews, it is quite a good price.

After receiving my next salary I will instantly buy it. I will let you know about my initial impression.

Have a nice day!